At Feathers Scales & Tails Veterinary Hospital, we are continuing to keep the health and safety of our clients, staff members, and our community as top priority. We continue to monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation very closely as to how it relates to our community.

Client/Patient Protocol:
We have changed our patient protocol for all appointments. Clients who are unable to follow these new protocols will be asked to reschedule.

Our appointment protocol is as follows:

  1. Upon arrival in our parking lot, clients are to remain in their vehicles with their pet.
  2. Clients should call the office upon arrival, 410-871-0244, to let us know that you are here for your appointment.
  3. We will be allowing one(1) owner to accompany their pet for exam appointments only. You also have the option of remaining curbside if you would like.
  4. Masks are encouraged but not required. A staff member will come to your vehicle to retrieve your pet and collect any pertinent medical history from you. You will be escorted directly to an exam room. We ask that you remain in the exam room and our staff will obtain payment when the appointment is over.
  5. All appointments besides exams will remain curbside. (This includes surgery & boarding drop-off/pick up, technician appointments, picking up food and medications buy tiktok followers). Payment will be obtained via phone and an invoice and instructions will be brought to you.

We are asking all clients who have COVID-19 like symptoms, or are generally not feeling well, please reschedule any appointments or send another authorized agent to present their pet to our hospital.

If you or members of your family have been required or asked to be quarantined for any reason, or test positive for COVID-19, and you have visited our facility within 72 hours, we kindly ask you to please alert our office.